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WYD 2016 KRAKÓW: The Largest European Event of the 21st Century - Paulina Guzik & Cecylia O'Reily
WYD 2016 KRAKÓW35,00zł
ISBN: 978-83-7438-695-1
Miejsce wydania: Kraków
Rok wydania: 2018
Ilość stron: 219
Koszyk: do koszyka
Ocena: 0

Preface: A grace for the Church, by Fr. Federico Lombardi

What this book is about

Kraków, Poland: a quick panorama
The appeal: three important components
Our purposes
Content and structure
Approach and methodology
About us

World Youth Days. What is WYD?
A great encounter
The organizers
The value of a WYD
History of the event
The pilgrims

WYD 2016 Kraków
Why Kraków? WYD in the city of saints
Theme and patron saints of WYD 2016
Timetable of WYD 2016
Other events
WYD 2016 organizing committee
Responsibilities and tasks of the departments
Participants at WYD 2016
WYD 2016 finances
Sources of income
WYD expenses
State contribution to the organization of WYD 16
WYD 2016 in numbers

WYD 2016 Communications strategy
Role of the communication department
Integrated Communications
Communications organizational chart
Director and personnel
Leming points
Venues and facilities
Operating principles
Think ahead, and act accordingly
Communications strategy
Communications issues

The Communications Department
The Missing Section: Internal Communications
Social media
Media relations
Other Communications sections

Media operations
Structure and mission
Outsourcing media operations
Credentialing process
Positions and underlays
International media center
Transfer of journalists
TV signal

WYD crisis Communications plan
The touchstone of planning
Steps in drafting the plan
Crisis planning in WYD 2016

WYD evaluations
Parameters to evaluate a Church event
A selection of reactions
Handing the microphone to the protagonists
WYD in the media
WYD 2016 statistics
Assessing communication: lessons for the future
Ań investment in the future

Epitogue: WYD in my life, by Andrea Tornielli

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